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Do you know more than 40% of all searches on Google are seeking local information? Over 80% people prefer to search the location of a business on Google Maps? Every day, millions of people are actively searching for local businesses and most of these searches result in a purchase.

Even Google is stressing on the importance of local search, and it usually populates its search results with most relevant and nearby information when people type location-specific queries; such as - doctors nearby, teachers near me, lawyers in my city, pizza under 30 minutes etc.

Given the outstanding importance of local businesses on Google, you require a solid roadmap for digital presence, and implement robust ideas to become instantly found when local customer search for you.

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Competition is everywhere. Stand out in the sea of sameness

However, even local market is highly competitive. There is a sea of sameness, so many providers and so many offerings - and everybody is claiming s/he deserves attention. If your website is slow, if people are leaving bad PR on local digital platforms about your company, if the information on your website and other digital properties is not relevant according to the local audience priorities, if you are not exploring new avenues for local growth with fresh content and social media activities, you risk of losing traffic, leads, conversions!

Local SEO Tips for Keyword Ranking

Be one-step ahead from your nearest competitor

eDigital is a trusted local SEO Company in Hyderabad.

If you are looking to gain from an active local presence, we can help you grow across platforms and devices - helping you increase online visibility, website traffic, lead generation, local reputation etc.

Our Local SEO in Hyderabad Services -

  • Meta tag optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Website review and maintenance
  • Image and hyperlink optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Local business Listing
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Local SEO for Small Businesses

How we - as a local SEO agency in Hyderabad - can help you leverage on local SEO?

Target specific audiences where your business is already established; be found across devices and platforms

Gain from social sharing opportunities and local link building with identical businesses

Optimize your website and digital presence for fast loading on hand-held devices such as smartphone