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Different Ways Realtors Can Use Digital Marketing to Boost Sales

Drive Revenue with Digital Marketing Strategies eDigital Consultants

Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate:

If you are in the real estate business, you may understand that one of the places that your potential clients may go looking for buying a property is online. Hence it is important that you have a good digital marketing strategy in place that would help your potential clients to engage in the digital space of yours so that it easily translates into a real-life business for you.

Here are 5 good ways of having a digital marketing strategy in place.

Quality Content on the website

Quality content is crucial for anyone who is looking for the right information for their business. Although it takes a lot of time and effort for planning and creating posts and pages on the website, it should form a crucial aspect of the marketing plan, whether you are an experienced agent or if you are new to the business.

As most of the sellers and buyers depend on the real estate websites to find suitable properties, it is a must that you good quality and engaging content on the website. And today there are many ways to create content that attracts interest.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

The pay per click which is also popularly known as PPC advertising is also an excellent strategy. PPC is a great bet for realtors who would love to generate new leads that are based on the advertisements that they can pay for every time the ad gets clicked on. It also works well for all those real estate professionals who are looking for potential clients who are interested in their offering as they need to pay only those who click through their ads. These PPC ads can also be for those individuals who may have searched for correlated keywords that are in Google or any other search engine.

Virtual Tours

Another important strategy in digital marketing is the virtual tour of a home or a plot that a prospective buyer wants to look into before going in for the deal. This provides the potential client an idea what the home has to offer and also can generate 45% revenue faster for marketers than the non-video using websites.

You can actually use real footage of the home, as compared to a brochure or digital illustrations. Make sure that the video of the tour is responsive and interactive across both mobile and desktop systems. The virtual tour should be user-friendly.

A great Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you think few posts on real estate related content on your Facebook account once in a while is what works out for you, think again. You need a fully fledged media marketing strategy that will yield results for what you are looking for. You can post different kinds of posts on your social media channels that include case studies, relevant and important blog posts, your success stories, new or existing listings, etc.

Try hosting a webinar

As part of a successful digital marketing strategy, it is quite important for you to share all your expertise as a real estate professional. Modern techniques like webinars and online workshops make it easy for people to reach a large audience and also help them stay relevant in the industry. There are several tools in the market that are designed to make hosting webinars easy and are extremely user-friendly from both ends of the operation.

The best way to manage a strong digital marketing strategy for real estate in the most effective way is when it gets streamlined in a better way where there is proper sync between one another, rather than be in silos. At eDigital Consultants, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Hyderabad our digital strategy for companies includes providing the best PPC services in Hyderabad, helping organizations to bring in real ROI. And our team will develop a strategy that is based on organizational goals, competitive environment, and marketing goals. We assess the performance of your current efforts, that include site traffic, SEO, digital advertising to look at what works best for you and where there could be more opportunity for improvement.


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