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Are You Targeting Right Audience for Your Business

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The answer: Probably not. It turns out, the odds may not be in your favor when it comes to reaching your target audience through Digital Marketing. Nearly 48 percent of online ads do not reach the intended audience. Although digital marketing is still more effective than other forms of media, this is not a reassuring fact for companies spending millions of dollars on digital marketing each year that have a 50/50 chance of reaching their targeted consumers.

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However, companies noting this unsettling fact are making the proper steps to improve the reach of their ads by hiring consultants or internal talent specializing in SEM, social media marketing, data analytics, and customer demographics through high-end, niche staffing agencies. But before you start your talent search, let’s delve deeper into why so many ads are going unseen by the consumers they are meant for and what else your business can do to improve the reach of your Digital Marketing.

How to Reach Your Target Audience Online

Knowing how to connect with your target audience online is critical for achieving your brand’s digital strategy. By producing and sharing relevant content for the right audiences, you can significantly boost customer engagement, generate higher quality sales leads and increase conversions.

Easy Tips to Reach Target Audience Online

A great starting point for reaching your target audience online is to understand your current audience base. Learn about their demographics, interests and requirements to gain insight about the individuals you should consider targeting online. Once you gather this data, you can begin to develop strategies for forging deeper connections with target audiences.

Know Where Your Audience Spends Most of Its Time

Rather than forcing your audience to come to you, consider going to the places your audience currently spend time online. For example, join a conversation on LinkedIn to offer key insights about the industry, amplify social influence and establish your company as a thought leader.

Create Content That Appeals to Your Audience:

Segmenting your audience by role, industry and company size will help you understand what kind of information is most useful to your customers. Different content captures the attention of different audiences. Align white papers, blog posts, client testimonials and case studies with the right audiences to achieve desired outcomes.

Incorporate Multimedia:

Studies show that users retain information 65 percent better when text is accompanied by visual and audio content. Share impactful, high-quality information in your videos about why the information you’re sharing is relevant to your audiences and how it will help them improve their businesses. You can further connect with your target audience online by sharing videos directly in blog posts, tweets and status updates on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Make Content Mobile Friendly:

As you begin to incorporate different types of media into your online marketing campaign, it’s important for your content to be accessible by audiences across every channel, especially mobile devices. According to Marketing Land, almost half of all global Internet users are now using mobile devices as the primary mechanism for surfing the Web. A responsive design for your website will improve SEO, combat high bounce rates and enhance the user experience.

Stay Consistent:

All of your communications and marketing assets should tell your brand’s story. Tell a consistent brand story across every channel to keep consumers conscious of your brand and message. Channel consistency helps build a brand that your leads and customers can count on and increases loyalty.


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