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App store optimization strategies for 2020

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Since the launch of AppStore, the whole ecosystem of mobiles has gone through lot of changes. With new innovations and technologies popping up everyday it is very challenging to predict the future. But this is the need of an hour too. So, here we are listing down some of the best app store optimization strategies which everybody is looking forward to in the year 2020. Take a look:

Search ranking algorithms will become more efficient. One of the key steps that every app should follow in order to help App Stores perform more perfectly is understanding the use of search algorithm that the app store use to show search results. But before you start working on your app on this feature you also need to understand that every app store has different search algorithm to follow. However, some of the common aspects of app stores are:

The role of keywords is same however how the app store read them can be different.
The search algorithm also considers the total number of downloads in particular period of time.
The name of App developer and App title also matters a lot.

It will show curated content based on personalized choice and taste. To make app store more optimized now the app developers have started using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to show users what interests them most. Depending upon personal taste of user, the app stores will now present only those apps to the users which are of their personal taste. So, it would not be wrong to say that the whole ecosystem of app store will become more curated.

Personalized feed and recommendations of users will be always kept on first priority. Although search algorithms are going to remain a common way of finding and discovering apps but based on what users’ personal content the app stores will now also start showcasing the apps without even starting the search. This will make app store more relevant for users who are lazy to even look for what they want. Isn’t it interesting too see!

If various has to be believed then it has been found most of the users who download any app from the App Store (be it from Google Play or from Apple App Store) do it for serving a specific reason. Gone are the days when apps were downloaded out of random search conductions only. Thus, to offer better functionality to the users it is now time for the App stores to come up with strategies which can offer efficient and effective results. And with above mentioned plans the plan of optimizing app stores seems to get success. Isn’t it?


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