How To Get Traffic To Your Website or Blogger

How To Get Traffic To Your Website or Blogger

It takes effort to create these articles, but when you do it, you can get hundreds of thousands of new readers and many thousands of new customers for your business.

Basically, there are only two ways that really matter to get traffic to your website without spending a fortune in advertising:

Writing really good content “remarkable content” – and then telling the right people about it

Writing amazing “guest posts” – Articles for other relevant blogs with more traffic than you


  • Create that would be irresistible to people


The content that people see and immediately need to read it. They feel so compelled to click on your article that it’s like they need to read it. To do this, you need to know your audience better than they know themselves. This involves a lot of research and, gasp, talking to people.

It’s the alternative to diving into writing a blog post with nothing in mind — and getting zero traffic as a result.

While there are a lot of different ways to go about it, the best way is by going to the places online and in real life where your readers might “hang out”. Online places where your readers like to hang out could be a subreddit, Facebook group, message board, Quora and many more online spaces.

When you write content your readers care about, they’ll happily devour your work.


  • Use the Guest Post Strategy to flood your blog with traffic

Once you write really good content, you’re going to see traffic come into your site. BUT if you really want to flood your blog with traffic, you’re going to have to write remarkable content for another blogger who has more traffic than you. But it’s not just as simple as deciding to write a guest post. When it comes to high-traffic bloggers, there are very specific ways to approach them so they’ll accept your pitch. It all boils down to creating a system for creating and promoting your content to these bloggers.

Here’s how it works:

  • Strategy and planning (1 hour / week) – This is when you research different bloggers and websites you can reach out to with bigger audiences than you.
  • Creating new content (2 hours / week) – This is crafting content targeted towards specific bloggers.
  • Promoting new content (2 hours / week) – This is time spent reaching out to those bloggers and websites with your content to see who wants it.

The best part about this system: You don’t even need to have a blog yet — you can just write your article on a Google document and share the link with whomever it is you’re reaching out to. The point is to get creative and get some traction on other websites, regardless of what stage you’re at.

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