Common Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

Common Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

Mistakes to be Averted on Social Media:

Sometimes successful marketing is not about fancy tactics. Sometimes it just means not screwing up or, in our case, avoiding common social media mistakes.

Making mistakes sucks, especially when you do it in public. However, even if nobody notices but you just fail to get the desired results, it’s just as annoying. Both of these scenarios can happen easily in social media marketing.

Are you making any of these common social media mistakes?

Social media is a complex area with many pitfalls. However, once you’re familiar with the most common social media mistakes, you will find it quite simple to avoid them.

Not having a solid strategy in place

You know the old adage: failing to plan is planning to fail. Ever find yourself in shambles at work because you failed to define your to-do list for the day? That’s what operating social media without a strategy is like – ineffective, haphazard and without direction. To avoid this scenario, here’s a rough blueprint for a social media strategy:

  • Define your audience
  • Think through your brand voice and tone
  • Set goals
  • Define your posting strategy
  • Create policies

Posting the wrong kind of content

Like blogging, social media hinges on the content you publish. Your content determines whether your channels are valuable and interesting to your audience or bland and boring.

  • Failing to create value
  • Inconsistency
  • Spamming
  • Not optimizing for each platform

Deleting or Ignoring Negative Comments

Deleting negative comments is a huge no-no. If someone is hating on you or your brand on social media, thank the person for their feedback. Tell them you appreciate it and are always looking for both positive and critical feedback to improve your brand. Don’t defend yourself directly; it never comes across well in written form and usually brings on more negative commentary.

Posting Irresponsible Or Insensitive Content

In the age of activism, it’s damaging to a brand’s future if a post includes any derogatory commentary. Sensitivity and consideration for others should always be paramount, not only in the workplace, but also on the social channels in which brands communicate with their broader audience. Social media should reflect the brand’s image and culture — therefore, ethical standards must always align.

Too Many Hashtags Or Handles

When posting social content, be careful of using too many hashtags or tagged handles, as the content may come off as desperate for engagement. Additionally, it may not resonate with the tone and voice of your company, or the brand you are trying to portray.

Not sharing updates without links:

When you see most timelines these days, it looks as if social networks have forced us to not share anything apart from links to our content. But we all know social media isn’t all about sharing content. Sometimes, simple nuggets, quotes from you or other experts can do a great job impacting your followers.

Being too salesy:

In a similar vein to too many updates, sending out too many sales messages can also be a turn off. It’s one of those common social media mistakes that doesn’t seem obvious at the beginning. selling is not the main purpose of your social presences. Instead, it’s to get onto the radar of potential customers, build relationships and start interactions. Only from there can you start thinking about how to turn your audience into paying customers.

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